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神威岬1.jpg神威岬 先端1.jpg神威岬 積丹ブルー1.jpg積丹 日の入り3.jpg島武意海岸1.jpgニューしゃこたん号3.jpg積丹 ウニ丼1.jpg
Shakotan Peninsula is on the side of the Sea of Japan, and there are three cape, Cape God, Cape Shandon, Golden Cape with representative beautiful scenery.
It is designated as the only underwater park in Hokkaido.
In summer you can see Blue Shrimp Blue.

 The color of the ocean is really blue! (It is different after the sea has timely)
Cape Kami can walk to the tip, there is a way to the tip but I would like to go according to my strength
You can see the beautiful Shakotan Blue even if you see the right side of the road and look at the left.