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When colorful flowers begin to bloom in Hokkaido, it will become the season of Furano sightseeing · Biei sightseeing.
When it is an average year, the peak of lavender is about mid July.
Even after lavender blooms and after harvesting, colorful flowers bloom.
In the lavender field of Furano wine, you can enter the lavender field, so in other lavender fields
You can take pictures that you can not take.
Santa's beard is to eat the melon seeds and put the ice cream on except the winter season

 You can see lavender and colorful flowers on the four seasons hill, you can see alpaca, too.
You can feed, but please give food straightforwardly.
Please beware that Alpaca will spit on getting angry.
The blue pond that is popular as a power spot is really blue.
The source of the blue pond is a white mustache fall.
Furano sightseeing · Biei sightseeing is also a lot of sights and travel time, so I want to spend a day!
Furano and Biei are still full of sights.
We will estimate your journey according to your time.