Homepage renewed

Thank you very much for coming to our website this time. I am called Ikuta Taxi who is doing a tourist taxi in Hokkaido Otaru.
Thanks to you, we have achieved 260,000 accesses on our last homepage.

 Generally, in bus tourism, there was a problem that you can not see as much as you like, but for my sightseeing charter taxi, you can see the place you want to see for any time you like, Since it has characteristics to transmit more tourist information by introduction etc., this problem can be solved.
In addition to Otaru sightseeing, Shakotan Peninsula tour in summer · Furano sightseeing in the lavender period · Tourism of the world heritage Hidaka Shiretoko · During the winter season, you can see swan and swan in Akan and Kushiro.
Hakodate sightseeing and summit in which the bullet train opens in March Open tour of Toyako etc. Hokkaido We will show you all by sightseeing taxi.
We promise you a comfortable and memorable trip with a miniwagon taxi of 5 passengers.
Even for four customers you can relax with two people in the second row and two persons in the third row.
We will also offer sightseeing trips such as 2 nights 3 days 3 nights 4 days 4 nights 5 days.