Furano Lavender Tour Hokkaido Tourist Individual Ikuta Taxi Calls Out

Furano lavender begins to bloom early in front of July.
There are lots of Furano lavender gardens including Farm Tomita.
Since it was earlier that the temperature became hotter than usual this year, the beginnings of blooming such as lavender may be early.
In the lavender garden of Furano wine, you can take a picture by entering the lavender field.
However, be careful as many bees are flying.
Takisi is convenient for Furano sightseeing · Biei sightseeing.

 Depending on the sightseeing facilities, there are also places where you can not come soon if you call a taxi.
As it is a taxi for sightseeing private taxis, it is only a taxi for customers, so you can see as many favorite places as you like
Also the taxi parking lot is convenient as it can stop near the entrance.
Furano · Biei What is the next day after sightseeing in Akan sightseeing, Lake Mashuu, Abashiri sightseeing, and Todai Shiretoko sightseeing?